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Company expands water business

Kristin Halpin, Press Contact
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March 4, 2014

O’Brien & Gere expands water business
Nationally-recognized expert joins Company to grow municipal market

SYRACUSE – O’Brien & Gere is experiencing growth in its water services business in the municipal market resulting from strong market drivers in its in wet infrastructure segment, including stormwater management; wastewater treatment in response to growing require­ments for enhanced nutrient removal at wastewater treatment plants; and program and construction management, with integrated operations & maintenance and commissioning services.

To sustain this growth, nationally-recognized water expert David R. Wilkes, PE, BCEE has joined O’Brien & Gere to expand the Company’s drinking water practice and to enhance delivery of its water supply and treatment solutions nationwide. Mr. Wilkes also will direct large-scale water projects for O’Brien & Gere and develop the Company’s business growth. With the addition of Mr. Wilkes, O’Brien & Gere also will expand its capabilities in advanced water treatment technologies, including low-pressure membranes, ultraviolet disinfection, ion exchange technology, and new applications for advanced oxidation.

Mr. Wilkes has served as a technical advisor to major water utilities nationwide, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which operates one of the nation’s largest treatment systems, as well as Fairfax Water in Virginia; Louisville Water Company in Kentucky; Metro Water Services in Tennessee; and the Cities of Baltimore, Maryland and West Palm Beach, Florida. He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas and is an American Water Works Association National Standards Council Member.

“Through our national expertise and strengthened capabilities in advanced treatment technologies, O’Brien & Gere is a leading contender in the municipal market,” said George Rest, PE, a Senior Vice President in O’Brien & Gere’s water business. “With Mr. Wilkes’ extensive expertise in the water segment, combined with the addition of other high-level water specialists in our practice and potential acquisitions in wet infrastructure, we are well-positioned to achieve our objectives moving forward.”

Some of O’Brien & Gere’s recent major contract awards in the municipal water market include:

  • A $12 million construction management contract for DC Water's capital infrastructure projects
  • A $14 million construction management contract for Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s water and wastewater facilities improvement program
  • In partnership with Carlin Contracting, a $27 million project from Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp. to design and build a landfill leachate treatment system

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