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Advanced Manufacturing

{ Generating sustainable success }

From working with new technologies to designing smart manufacturing systems, our team has the experience needed to help clients compete in the new global economy.

Smart, sustainable solutions — inside and out.

Today, OBG can be found hard at work in some of the most demanding sectors of manufacturing, including aerospace, chemical, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical. We apply an “inside-outside” approach to everything we do — meaning we develop solutions that support the manufacturing process (inside), while applying our unique understanding of how equipment and systems interact with the surrounding environment (outside).

Productivity & process improvements

To get the most out of manufacturing systems, our team works as an extension of our clients to improve, expand, and modernize the factory floor. We leverage our unique experience as a project manager, equipment fabricator, control system integrator, and multi-discipline engineering company to deliver discrete solutions to specific systems, fully integrated solutions, and manufacturing processes.

Repurposing & restructuring

By working closely with our clients, we’re able to transform potential liabilities into productive assets — through the revitalization of facilities to support new, modernized, or expanded manufacturing facilities. We know the traditional challenges associated with delivering capital programs (inclusive of design, procurement, construction, and commissioning). We also understand the critical business drivers and compliance challenges our clients face with these programs. Our unique perspective yields early identification of implementation priorities resulting in projects that can be delivered “on-plan.”

Technology scale-up

Whether it’s a bench-top concept or production-level system, our team can help bring new ideas and product innovations to market more quickly, efficiently, and responsibly.

Case Studies

There’s a way to answer every challenge with integrity.

Our case studies best illustrate how our integrated approach blends expertise from across our company into every project while adhering to our mission in every phase.

"Today’s manufacturing clients are facing significant challenges: intense global competition, technology advancements, lean organizational structures, and the expectation of sustainability. We’ve proven that we’re (OBG) capable of partnering with them in these complex environments — time and time again."

Jeff Rogers, PE
Senior VP, Advanced Manufacturing
Service Leader

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O’Brien & Gere Insights:

Advantages of chemical manufacturing process simulation

May 17, 2017—Process simulation software systems provide several advantages to chemical manufacturing companies to optimize chemical processes and increase productivity. Process simulation software is used to model physical systems using a combination of thermodynamic models, unit operation models, and empirical chemical data. These systems offer key advantages to chemical manufacturing facilities: Reduced... Read more...

Visioning space to support facility repurposing

May 03, 2017—There’s a growing trend in the industrial real estate market—the abandoned assets of yesterday’s assembly line-based manufacturing are becoming today’s opportunities for the advanced manufacturing market. Building upon the due diligence of the founding architects of the “Location, Location, Location” site selection mantra, adaptive reuse can... Read more...

How is PSM affecting the chemical industry?

March 09, 2017—The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) developed the process safety management, or PSM standard to prevent disastrous process release incidents in the manufacturing industry.  The PSM standard begins with a list of 137 chemicals deemed highly hazardous, toxic, or reactive. If a site has more than... Read more...

Emerging contaminants in NYS and their effect on the chemistry business

January 26, 2017—OBG’s Scott Grieco, PhD, PE recently presented at the New York State Chemistry Council Annual Policy & Legislative Meeting on January 24, 2017 in Albany, New York. Dr. Grieco shared his expertise on emerging contaminants in New York State and their effect on the business of chemistry. With re... Read more...

Repurposing pharmaceutical facilities into productive assets

May 02, 2016—The footprints of many pharmaceutical companies have changed over the past two decades. Mergers among top global players and more efficient workspaces have changed the focus of many companies toward consolidation, divestiture, and creating flexible spaces for biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. These companies have undertaken consolidation programs to reduce their footprint,... Read more...

2016 Global Waste Management Symposium Participation

March 03, 2016—OBG kicked off the 2016 trade show season by sponsoring and participating in the Global Waste Management Symposium (GWMS) in Indian Wells, CA. GWMS is a biannual conference that delivers critical content and research in all areas related to solid waste engineering and management. OBG’s industry support and presence could be... Read more...

Reducing time-to-market to attract advanced manufacturing

October 16, 2015—Advanced manufacturing industries are competing in a new global economy. The development of new technologies and smart manufacturing systems is fast-paced and competitive, but brings with it transformative economic opportunity to host communities. Attracting these opportunities to a specific site on the globe is a competitive process, which requires proactive... Read more...

What you need to know: Step-by-step approach to NY cooling tower regulations

September 10, 2015— Recent outbreaks and the prevalence of Legionella bacteria in cooling towers has led the New York State (NYS) Department of Health to enact emergency regulations for all cooling tower owners statewide. These new regulations have established critical deadlines and guidance to protect the public from further exposure to the bacteria.... Read more...

SPARK competition improves manufacturing process for Graver Technologies

June 03, 2015—An idea for speeding up a manufacturing process proposed by a group of Syracuse University students during OBG’s SPARK innovation competition has been adopted by a manufacturer and hailed a success.SPARK connects students with OBG subject matter experts and industry partners, who come to the competition with real-world ch... Read more...

OBG welcomes Schuyler Engineering

April 28, 2015—SYRACUSE—O’Brien & Gere announced today that it has acquired Schuyler Engineering, P.C. (Schuyler), a leading engineering firm based in Long Island, NY with extensive experience in central utility plant and energy system design with clients throughout the New York and New Jersey metropolitan region. The acquisition supports O’Br... Read more...