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Articles tagged with: manufacturing

Advantages of chemical manufacturing process simulation

Fred Hencken,
Process simulation software systems offer chemical manufacturers many benefits

Process simulation software systems provide several advantages to chemical manufacturing companies to optimize chemical processes and increase productivity. Process simulation software is used to model physical systems using a combination of thermodynamic models, unit operation models, and empirical chemical data. These systems offer key advantages to chemical manufacturing facilities: Reduced...

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Environment Virginia Symposium

Bob Bell discusses environmental compliance for industrial infrastructure

OBG experts recently presented during the Environment Virginia Symposium on April 4-5, 2017 in Lexington, Virginia. More than 700 environmental professionals attended this conference for the mutual exchange of ideas, best practices, and knowledge.  View our presentations: Dumpster Diving to Dollars [Presentation]Tina Bickerstaff, CPG Industrial...

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How is PSM affecting the chemical industry?

Andrew Porter,

The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) developed the process safety management, or PSM standard to prevent disastrous process release incidents in the manufacturing industry.  The PSM standard begins with a list of 137 chemicals deemed highly hazardous, toxic, or reactive. If a site has more than...

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Plant Engineers Council: Energy Event

Neil Webb and Mohammad Mojdehi discuss microgrids for business at MACNY energy event

While natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy bring focus to the susceptibility or resiliency of our electrical system to catastrophic events, business owners know too well the implications of diminished power quality and momentary interruptions that they face on a daily basis. New York State has put forth a large number...

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