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Articles tagged with: permitting

Watershed/coastal science and engineering

Chris Calkins,

Our nation faces many challenges, including the threat posed to people, property, and infrastructure in vulnerable geographic settings.  While specific circumstances may vary, this vulnerability is often associated with proximity to water. Shifting weather patterns have contributed to increases in precipitation quantity, intensity, and duration, leading to stormwater issues,...

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Do I need a permit?

Chris Kriegner,

Many projects require approval from one or more regulatory agencies before implementation can begin. Approvals are typically granted in the form of a permit, which may be required for a host of reasons, including planned emissions or discharges, withdrawals or resource use, building and construction, or proposed disturbance to...

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NYS Business Council's 2016 Environment Conference

Steven Eckler discussed complex projects in a highly regulated state (Photo by NYS Business Council)

On November 14-16, OBG participated in the 2016 Annual Environment Conference, held by The Business Council of New York State in Saratoga Springs, NY. This two-day event brings together experts from the private and public sectors to share the latest information relevant to environmental issues in New York...

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Reducing time-to-market to attract advanced manufacturing

Steve Eckler,

Advanced manufacturing industries are competing in a new global economy. The development of new technologies and smart manufacturing systems is fast-paced and competitive, but brings with it transformative economic opportunity to host communities. Attracting these opportunities to a specific site on the globe is a competitive process, which requires proactive...

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