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As the OBG brand transitions to Ramboll so will our career opportunities. In the meantime, here are the open opportunities associated with our OBG offices.

OBG is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Job Title Location Job Type Job Number
Resource Manager WTR 1803
Structural Engineer Syracuse, NY Structural EUI - 1802
Project Manager Edison, NJ Engineer - Civil/Environmental or Mechanical ESR - 1801
Plant Operator - Industrial Wastewater Gadsden, AL Operator WTR 1629
Technical Specialist - Wastewater Operations All Locations WTR 1799
Staff Geologist Syracuse, NY Geologist/Hydrogeologist ESR - 1797
Engineer 2 Milwaukee, WI Engineer - Civil/Sanitary/Mechanical/Chemical/Environmental ESR - 1796
Project Manager Syracuse, NY Engineer - Civil/Environmental or Mechanical ESR - 1795
Subject Matter Expert - Metals Industry Charlotte, NC Engineer - Civil/Sanitary/Mechanical/Chemical/Environmental AMO-1793
Senior Sediment Management Specialist All Locations Engineer - Civil/Sanitary/Mechanical/Chemical/Environmental ESR - 1792
Project Manager East Norriton, PA Engineer - Civil/Environmental or Mechanical ESR - 1791
Assistant Resource Supervisor Syracuse, NY Administrative WTR 1760
Engineer 1 Syracuse, NY Engineer - Civil/Environmental or Mechanical ESR - 1790
SCADA Systems Engineer All Locations Engineer - Control Systems AMO-1673
Plant Operator Devens, MA Operator WTR 1789
Sr. Electrical Engineer Syracuse, NY Engineer - Electrical EUI - 1787
Assistant Project Manager Syracuse, NY Engineer - Mechanical EUI - 1786
Mechanical Designer / Drafter Syracuse, NY Drafter EUI - 1785
Controls Systems Manager Liverpool, NY Engineer - Control Systems AMO-1782
Construction Supervisor Liverpool, NY Construction EUI - 1780
Structural Designer Winston-Salem, NC Structural AMO-1776
Electrical Designer/Drafter Winston-Salem, NC Drafter AMO-1774
Mechanical Designer/Drafter Winston-Salem, NC Drafter AMO-1775
Commercial Operations Leader Syracuse, NY AMO-1773
Estimator - Construction Services Team Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Construction AMO-1772
Plant Operator-2 Murfreesboro, TN Operator WTR 1769
Resident Engineer Richmond, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
WTR 1767
Structural Drafter / Designer Binghamton, NY Structural EUI - 1766
Lead Plant Operator - Chandler, AZ Operator WTR 1765
Plant Operator 2 - Chandler, AZ Operator WTR 1764
Craftsman/Technician - Chandler, AZ Field Technician WTR 1763
Engineer - Entry Level Virginia Beach, VA WTR 1762
Operations Manager St. Louis, MO
Chicago, IL
WTR 1761
Assistant Resource Supervisor Liverpool, NY WTR 1760
Control Systems Integrator Bowie, MD Engineer - Control Systems AMO-1643
Structural Engineer - Dams Safety East Norriton, PA Structural MWO 1513
Capital Project Manager Atlanta, GA
Bremen, GA
Construction Manager (Mechanical focus) New York, NY Construction EUI - 1757
Resident Engineer - NYC Metro Area New York, NY MWO 1756
Staff Geologist East Norriton, PA Geologist/Hydrogeologist ESR-1749
SME / Senior Technical Project Manager – Drinking Water Technology Focus Bowie, MD
Engineer - Civil/Sanitary/Mechanical/Chemical/Environmental MWO 1657
Senior Project Engineer - Municipal Wastewater Focus New York, NY Engineer - Civil/Sanitary/Mechanical/Chemical/Environmental MWO 1608
Project Engineer Richmond, VA Engineer - Civil/Sanitary/Mechanical/Chemical/Environmental MWO - 1527
Control Systems Design Engineer Liverpool, NY Engineer - Control Systems AMO - 1745
Project Geologist Syracuse, NY Geologist/Hydrogeologist ESR-1743
Environmental Data Scientist Albany, NY Environmental Science ESR-1742
Senior Environmental Engineer/Project Manager East Norriton, PA
Edison, NJ
Engineer - Environmental ESR-1737
Maintenance Supervisor West Norriton, PA MWO 1734
Process Engineer Syracuse, NY Engineer - Chemical AMO - 1732
Project Manager ( Energy / Building Systems focus) Syracuse, NY
Albany, NY
Managing Engineer EUI - 1727
Experienced Environmental Engineer Milwaukee, WI Engineer - Environmental ESR-1721
Engineering Technician East Norriton, PA MWO 1719
Geotechnical Engineer East Norriton, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Engineer - Civil MWO 1717
Resident Engineer / Construction Project Manager New York, NY MWO 1699
Lead Plant Operator - Fort Edward, NY MWO 1700
Geotechnical Engineer Syracuse, NY Engineer - Civil ESR-1689
Senior Project Engineer - Civil / Environmental Syracuse, NY Engineer - Environmental ESR-1686
Senior Electrical Engineer Binghamton, NY Engineer - Electrical EUI - 1674
Structural Project Engineer Syracuse, NY Engineer - Civil EUI - 1667
Controls Engineer Charlotte, NC
Syracuse, NY
Rochester, NY
Atlanta, GA
Engineer - Control Systems AMO-1568
Structural Designer Charlotte, NC Structural AMO-1662
Industrial Wastewater Project Manager Syracuse, NY Engineer - Civil/Environmental or Mechanical AMO-1638
Commissioning/Start-Up Manager All Locations Construction AMO-1633
Construction Manager Atlanta, GA Construction AMO-1497
Environmental Health & Safety Consultant Albany, NY Environmental Science ESR - 1594
Construction Manager Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Construction AMO-1570
Architect Charlotte, NC Architect AMO-1546
Senior Sediment Management Specialist/Subject Matter Expert Milwaukee, WI
Chicago, IL
East Lansing, MI
Syracuse, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Atlanta, GA
Virginia Beach, VA
Cincinnati, OH
Raleigh, NC
Albany, NY
Edison, NJ
Engineer - Environmental ESR - 1543
Industrial Wastewater Subject Matter Expert Syracuse, NY AMO-1536
Assistant Project Manager Syracuse, NY Engineer - Environmental ESR - 1507
Coal Combustion Residual CCR Subject Matter Expert Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
East Norriton, PA
Syracuse, NY
Engineer - Environmental ESR - 1496
Sr. Environmental Manager / LSRP East Norriton, PA
Edison, NJ
Geologist/Hydrogeologist ESR - 1490
Construction Estimator Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Construction AMO-1241
Sr. Environmental Engineer / Project Manager Edison, NJ Engineer - Environmental ESR - 1402
Project Manager (Advanced Manufacturing) Syracuse, NY Construction AMO-1102

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my resume?
Please submit your resume online at www.obg.com. Here you can search all available positions at OBG and apply to only the job(s) that you are qualified for.
How will I know if my resume is received?
You will receive an emailed response confirming the receipt of your resume immediately following your submission.
When do you expect to fill the position?
The time frame varies depending on the particular position; however, if the position is still listed in the Careers section through the Current Opportunities link, it is still open.
Is there someone I can talk to regarding the position?
Information regarding all available positions can be found in the job descriptions located in the Careers section through the Current Opportunities link. If you have general questions about OBG, please visit our web site.